If unsure, download the 1st version, & run it from your device (Windows Desktop users, see "About...", below):

[Download] BGLightCE for Windows Mobile.

[Download] BGLightCE for Windows Mobile (Installer).

[Download] BGLightCE for SH3 CPU (e.g.,HP Jornada).

[Download] BGLightCE for MIPS CPU (e.g., Casio Cassiopeia, Palmax PD-131, Symbol Technologies PPT 2700, or Compaq Aero 1500).

[Download] All source code, or [GoTo] SourceForge.

If you have problems with the CABs or EXEs, ZIP files are available from the BGLightCE SourceForge page. You can download these to your desktop and copy the contents to your mobile device.

BGLightCE Main Display